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Springfield is located in the heart of the northern Burlington County farm belt. The township enjoys a rich history of agriculture and that tradition continues today as Springfield leads the way in preserving farmland and open space. We also enjoy one of the best elementary school systems in the county as well as participating in the Northern Burlington Regional School System.


Founded via Royal Charter on November 6, 1688, three hamlets were eventually settled within the township. Known locally as the three J's, they are Jacksonville, Jobstown, and Juliustown. Today, the township encompasses approximately 30 square miles and about 3,500 call it home.


Springfield is a small town in the heart of the United States and was established by settlers 200 years ago. The wide spaces surrounding the town were perfectly suited for growing wheat and thus, the temporary settlement quickly grew into a small village that thrived on agriculture.

Today, most of the residents of Jobstown work for nearby industries, and much of the original farm land has been returned back to nature. The town’s charm has remained unchanged. Jobstown sees itself as a typical small town where neighbors greet each other and take care of each other. We are proud of living in such a strong and vibrant community.


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   Springfield Township School  609-723-2479

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 Northern Burlington Regional School  609-298-3900 

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