Springfield Township Fire Departments

Springfield Township is served by three all volunteer fire departments. The fire departments are always seeking new members. If you would like to volunteer and need more information on becoming a member click the tab for your community.


Fire Departments
With a 30 square mile geographic size Springfield utilizes three fire stations they consists of one station in each of the hamlets Juliustown, Jobstown & Jacksonville. The fire companies are very active in the community and respond to a variety of situations to include fire surpression, vehicular rescue, fire police assignments, fire prevention training and monthly drills.The volunteer firefighters are one of the most important institutions in Springfield. Anyone interested in joining the fire department and volunteering feel free to contact one of the departments below.


Contact info for the Fire Departments:


Sta. 211: Juliustown Fire Company

Fire Chief: John Trout


 420 Lewistown Road

  Juliustown, NJ 08042


Sta. 212: Jacksonville Fire Company

Fire Chief: Thomas Klimkowski


      1793 Jacksonville Jobstown Road

         Bordentown, NJ 08505


Sta. 213: Springfield Township Fire Company

Fire Chief: Brian Kokotajlo 


 2193 Jacksonville Jobstown Road

   Jobstown, NJ 08041-0058



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